Trofast Lego Play Centre

Trofast Lego Play Centre

2024-06-18 admin 0

I cant take credit for this, it was my daughter. She glued (or double sided taped) a large Lego base board onto the top of a Trofast unit to make a great Lego Play Centre. Obviously this gives you lots of storage in the Trofast drawers to put your Lego […]

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Ivar Shelf on Wheels?

2022-09-21 admin 0

I’m considering putting one of my ivar shelving units on wheels so that I can move it about in my workshop. So the simplest thing seems to build a platform with wheels, and add some blocks to “lock-in” the uprights. I’m not sure at this stage if these will be […]

Turn an Ivar Shelf into a desk

Drawers for Ivar Desk

2022-02-18 admin 0

Jus a few more photos of my small (but deep) ivar desk drawer! Note the slightly cut down cuttlery holder to put my pens and things in! – it works a treat!

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Full Extension Drawers for IKEA ALEX

2021-03-30 admin 1

I’ve been using a pair of ALEX drawer units and a LINNMON table top to make a simple desk while working at home. However I feel that the ALEX drawers are not making the best use of space. Whilst the Alex is 600mm deep, the drawer is only 500mm deep […]

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IVAR Cable Tidy

2020-08-19 admin 0

My next IVAR Desk project, was to tidy up all the cables and adaptors then inevitably end up on the floor by my feet, so I decided to build a small shelf that would sit underneath my desk drawers. As always, I wanted to do this in a semi permanent […]

IVAR Custom Drawers

Installed My Custom Ivar Drawers

2020-07-14 admin 1

I finally (after being able to get back to my office) installed the IVAR drawers I made. They work great. Using the slow close, fully extending drawer runners was worth it I think. It gives me far more storage, and in keeping with what I love about IVAR, it’s flexible, […]

More Custom Drawers for my Ivar

Making More Custom Drawers for IVAR

2020-03-03 admin 0

I wanted to maximise the storage on my IVAR, so I’ve started to make some more drawers. As before I wanted to be able to move these around, or completely reconfigure my set up later if needed, so they are made so as to not be permanently fixed. There’s no […]