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Welcome to IKEA HACKER!

We all love Ikea, but sometimes their products may not be quite what you are after. This is what I found, and so I made a few modifications and created a few adaptations of my own. Buy hey, I can’t be the only person looking to make these changes, so why not share all the ideas.

So as a result of a sleepless night, this site was created in 2020 and is dedicated to sharing ideas on how to adapt or hack Ikea products to either make them more useful, more practical or simply to help you match your own style.

I aim to try and focus on hacks here are non-destructive, in other words, hacks that can be added & removed at any time to allow the item to return to its original state. Some are designed and created by me, but others may simply be ideas that are shared. Some might be just ideas, others actual products that I’ve made.

So thank you IKEA for giving us some great products at great prices that we can update and adapt to suit our needs.

Let me know if you have a hack or indeed if you have an idea and are not sure how you can achieve it – Maybe someone here can help!

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