Installed My Custom Ivar Drawers

IVAR Custom Drawers
Installing My IVAR Drawers

I finally (after being able to get back to my office) installed the IVAR drawers I made. They work great.

Using the slow close, fully extending drawer runners was worth it I think. It gives me far more storage, and in keeping with what I love about IVAR, it’s flexible, so I can move the drawers at a later stage it I want to.

IVAR Drawer Hack
IVAR Drawer Hack

How did I do it?

I made the drawers using pocket screws and 18mm plywood. The bottom is 6mm ply I had left over from something else (so not the cleanest piece). The drawer runners are 500mm, fully extending ones. The handles were left over from another project, but seemed to fit the bill.

What did I learn?

A few things that I learned along the way.

  1. Making the mounts for the drawer runners using 18mm ply, actually uses quite a lot of space which would otherwise be more drawer space, so next time I’ll try and make the drawer mounts all metal (aluminium) so that I can maximise the space in the drawer.
  2. The position of the drawer runners on the side of the drawer is quite critical (and affects the size of the drawer front) as initially I put them in line with the bottom edge – but they interfered with the drawer front on the drawer below. So I had to take them off, move them up a few millimetres and then remake the drawer fronts. Argh.

What would I do differently?

See above! – I’d use aluminium to make the drawer runner mounts, and maybe even use thinner ply. 18mm might be a bit of overkill. 12mm is probably fine, but possibly not as easy to use with pocket screws

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