Ikea IVAR – Computer Desk Hack

Using IVAR as a Desk
I wasnt sure if making a desk using IVAR would work...

I love Ivar and it’s flexibility! I’ve used it in my garage, my workshop, and my kitchen. But now I want it in my spare room/office to make best use of the space I have, and to create a computer desk + flexible storage, at a reasonable cost.

As this was part of a complete room re-design, I needed to get the whole room layout clear first. We originally had a 4×4 Kalax in the room, but clearly this is no good for a desk, and didn’t give as much flexibility as I needed.

So I started by using graph paper to create a scale room layout and then cut out shapes (to scale) for each piece of furniture I might use. This included spare bed(s) and wardrobe. This gives you a way of playing with ideas. It’s not 100% accurate, as you also need to take into account things like skirting boards and wall sockets, and doesn’t give you any visual of how it all might look – but it does give you a chance to try different layouts. After a bit of trial and error, I figured the best Ivar combination would be using the 50cm deep shelves, with 3 sections 42+83+42, against the right hand wall. As we have very high ceilings, I could use the maximum height Ivar units, which are 226cm. (Don’t forget to check the size of your car if you’re planning to collect these!)

DSC 3104
Some Room Planning
DSC 3105
What Ivar Units can I fit in?

There are a few things that I aim to include:

So I purchased the basic Ivar components and assembled it into the space. I set things up roughly as I wanted them (plus I had to store things that were originally on the Kalax!)

DSC 3103
The Basic Starting Point for my Ivar Computer Desk

I’ll do further blog posts once I’ve done each “hack” and show you how I did each element that I’m looking to add. I’ll try and show you the working process too, as this is part of the learning process.

Check out the Drawers I made to go under my IVAR desk.

Using IVAR as a desk.
This is the desk so far.


  1. Hi, please can you tell me, was it annoying that the desk wasn’t deep enough for you to sit right up to it, as one would under a normal depth desk of 70 to 90 cm, vice the 50cm ikea shelf depth?

    • No, not really a problem (for me anyway). Obviously you can’t open the drawer easily when you’re sitting right against it – but that’s a minor niggle.

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