Ikea IVAR Shelf Cut-Out

IKEA IVAR Shelf cut away

OK – so I added a full sized shelf above my desk to give myself a little more shelf space. Great – Except that within a few hours of use, I have cracked my head on it numerous times – so I decided to take the shelf and cut away a chunk, so that it still works as a shelf and gives me shelf space, but minimises the risk of me cracking my head open.

The other advantage is that being more open, it lets in more light.

IVAR Shelf Cut-out
Cutout for IVAR Shelf
DSC 1433
IKEA IVAR Shelf cut away

Cut-Out for Monitor shelf?

It also made me think that a similar shelf for my monitor & speakers might be a little more stylish that the plywood frame that I have. It would also allow me to adjust the height, and make it look a little more integrated than just a stand plonked on the desk.

As I look at it now, my speakers are actually in the wrong place – they should ideally be at ear height – I was considering making a pair of adjustable bracket to fit the speakers to the IVAR uprights.

However, It would need to be a bigger cut-out to not get in the way and hinder my movements. And I’m not sure how it will affect the light coming onto my desk. Still – it might be worth a go.

How did I do it?

I took the basic shelf and measured 100mm from each side, then I measured in 250mm from the front edge. This allowed me to mark out the basic cutout. However I decided I wanted to round the corners so literally took a coffee cup and used it as a curve template on the 90 degree corners of my cutout.

I then used a jig saw to cut out the curved shape to be removed, and next used a hand router (hand trimmer) with an “ogee” bit to round over the edges along where I’d cut out.

Finally sanding all edges with a medium sandpaper. The whole process took about 20 minutes.

What did I learn?

Well, it was easy to do, and works well. Once installed I realised that the same concept could be used for my monitor shelf (that also contains my speakers) – it might make my desk a little less cluttered. I could even move the shelf down lower – closer to the top of my monitor.

Could I improve it if I did it again – no, not sure I could.

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