Design Idea: Shelf Bookends for Ivar. Part 1

Bookend design for Ivar
Shelf mounting bookend design for Ivar

If like me, you’ve wanted to use your Ivar shelves for books, you’ll probably have come across the same problem – the books fall off the ends.

So I wanted a simple, but flexible side that would fit into the Ivar shelf mounting pins, but that could be moved should I wish to re-configure later.

A conversation with a friend of mine who told me he had done something similar, led to this simple design.

Depending on what I have in the workshop, this will be probably be pine, with a slot routed at each end. Each one will require ideally 4 pins, but should actually work with 2 but might be a bit unstable. To use, simply pop the pins into the shelf and drop the bookend down over them. You can buy the pins on ebay or Amazon, or you can pick up a few spares next time you’re in store. You can even make your own, but it’s a bit time consuming.

  • For 50cm shelves, the width will be 435mm.
  • For 30mm units, the width will be 232mm.

As soon as I’ve made one I’ll report back.

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