Baby Changing Station for Ikea Kalax

Kalax Changing Mat
Baby changing Mat

This was the actually first Ikea Hack I did.

The need was for a safe and stable platform that would fit on top of an existing Kalax 2×2 storage unit and provide a somewhere to change baby, to avoid doing it on the floor. The beauty of this is that rather than buying a dedicated changing station, once it’s no longer needed, you simply take the top off and it returns to a normal Kalax.

The Construction

The construction consisted of a piece of 4mm ply for the base, 4 pieces of pine for the edges, and a 2 pieces of pine on the bottom to keep the whole platform steady on the top of the Kalax. Essentially it was made as a tray with a couple of “runners” on the base, that fit either side of the unit’s top.

What I Would do Differently?

  • I didn’t have the actual changing mat, so obviously I’d not measured it so the size was based on guesswork. Next time I’d make it a better fit!
  • I’d possibly put something non slip on the base.
  • It needed varnishing to make it easier to clean.
  • Maybe make the sides slightly raised, to minimise the chance of baby rolling over and falling out. (although baby should never be left unattended anyway)
  • I would make the size adjustable to fit different Ikea units such as Malm, Hemnes etc. Obviously I didn’t need it for this one as a one off.

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