Turn an Ivar Shelf into a desk

Drawers for my IVAR desk

2020-01-27 admin 1

I’m going to be working at my desk quite a bit, and one thing I found useful on my previous desk, was a shallow drawer under the desktop. It’s a useful space for pens and cables and suchlike. IKEA don’t make anything like this so it was time to make […]

Bookends to fit Ivar shelf unit.

Design Idea: Shelf Bookends for Ivar. Part 2

2020-01-20 admin 1

OK, so I’ve created a few test parts. Firstly in 18mm Birch Plywood, 18mm pine, and also in bamboo (an IKEA chopping board!) Buy them here! I started by cutting the blanks and then added the slots. Cutting the slots in the ends of the lengths, was not the easiest […]

Bookend design for Ivar

Design Idea: Shelf Bookends for Ivar. Part 1

2020-01-16 admin 0

If like me, you’ve wanted to use your Ivar shelves for books, you’ll probably have come across the same problem – the books fall off the ends. So I wanted a simple, but flexible side that would fit into the Ivar shelf mounting pins, but that could be moved should […]

Ivar Side Panels

Making a Cupboard for Ivar

2020-01-13 admin 2

Turning some Ivar shelves into a cupboard, was one of my ideas for my new office space. Open shelves are fine for many things, but I wanted to reduce the visible clutter and be able to hide some things away. Ikea don’t make a cupboard for the small 50cm Ivar […]

Kalax Changing Mat

Baby Changing Station for Ikea Kalax

2020-01-09 admin 0

This was the actually first Ikea Hack I did. The need was for a safe and stable platform that would fit on top of an existing Kalax 2×2 storage unit and provide a somewhere to change baby, to avoid doing it on the floor. The beauty of this is that […]