IVAR Cable Tidy

My next IVAR Desk project, was to tidy up all the cables and adaptors then inevitably end up on the floor by my feet, so I decided to build a small shelf that would sit underneath my desk drawers.

As always, I wanted to do this in a semi permanent way, without damaging my IVAR. So the concept was to make use of the mounting holes on the rear legs, and make a bracket that would fit either side with a shelf in between.

Making the brackets turned out quite hard as I wanted them in aluminium, and only had a few offcuts to play with. My first attempt meant gluing a few bits of aluminium together to give me the angles and supports I needed. The araldite glue didn’t work too well (maybe i should have cleaned the parts better) and the super glue had the same problem.

I even had a go at brazing some aluminium together after buying a brazing torch and some rods. – this is something that clearly needs practice!

My next thought was to take a sheet of aluminium and bend it into the shape I needed. The problem was – how do I cut and bend it acurately?

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